About Us

What is the XJTLU Learning Mall?

The XJTLU Learning Mall is an innovative and entrepreneurial research and development hub as well as project and partner centre. It promotes the concept of life-long learning across the XJTLU community, as well as the wider community in Suzhou, China, and beyond. It also works jointly with XJTLU schools and departments, and premier external partners, collaborating on critical innovation projects and initiatives.

Why call it a Learning Mall?

The XJTLU Learning Mall will provide online and onsite space, or “storefronts,” for top global partners to share their learning content with its user audience. It will integrate onsite and online programmes developed by the university, industry and external partners, offering them as learning resources to a wide net of different education consumers. The overarching goal of the Learning Mall is to act as an engaging innovation community, allowing its collaborators freedom to develop their resources within its creative hub.

What will the online and onsite XJTLU Learning Mall look like?

The onsite XJTLU Learning Mall facility is integrated with the University physical environment including both SIP and Taicang campuses, and more locations with the development of XJTLU.

XJTLU Learning Mall partners can host individual community spaces, leveraging their resources and contributing to a symbiotic ecosystem of learning - online and onsite, campus to community.

“Store” space, whether online or onsite, represents a unique opportunity for education-focused businesses to showcase resources through the XJTLU Learning Mall, with its links to internal and external stakeholders, particularly those who offer content and services. By fostering an inviting space and leveraging premier partners’ strengths, the XJTLU Learning Mall will forge a 21st century alliance of like-minded entrepreneurs to serve the wider China community and XJTLU.