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What is the XJTLU Learning Mall?

The XJTLU Learning Mall (XJTLU-LM) acts as an innovation and entrepreneurial research and development hub as well as project and partner center. It will promote the concept of lifelong learning for the XJTLU and Greater China extended learning community. It will also work jointly with core XJTLU departments and premier external partners, collaborating on critical innovation projects and initiatives. The XJTLU-LM officially launched on 22nd May 2020, welcoming its first round of new partners: AliCloud, McGraw-Hill, AMT, Skillshare, Talespin, Seentao, CiWei, Hujiang, and more.

The XJTLU-LM will provide online and onsite space, or "storefronts," for top global partners to share their learning content with its user audience. It will integrate onsite and online programmes developed by the university, industry and external partners, offering them as learning resources to a wide net of different education consumers. The overarching goal of the XJTLU-LM is to act as an engaging innovation community, allowing its collaborators freedom to develop their resources within its creative hub.

The onsite XJTLU Learning Mall facility is integrated with the University physical environment including both SIP and Taicang campuses, and more locations with the development of XJTLU.

How does the XJTLU Learning Mall work?

Learners around the world who visit the XJTLU Learning Mall Online will have access to our online non-degree programmes, courses, content, and services. XJTLU schools and departments, the XJTLU Learning Mall team, and local, national, and global partners provide the learning content. Lifelong learners of all ages can engage in the programmes on their own time as well as a variety of different services, connecting with global educators, entrepreneurs, mentors, and professionals from around the globe. You should keep visiting the XJTLU Learning Mall as its online and onsite environment grows, evolving to meet lifelong learner needs and providing the latest in learning services internationally.

What does the XJTLU Learning Mall cost?

Lifelong learns can sign up to the XJTLU Learning Mall for free - all you need is an email address. As a free user, you will have access to our freemium content and services, as well as those provided by external providers. If you wish to enroll in a paid programme or engage with a fee-based service or membership, you can browse our premium content and service catalog, explore the different service areas of the platform, as well as visit our premier partner websites, which act as channels to their content. Content is priced on an individual basis, and you can enroll and register for anything that interests you. If you need help navigating the platform and finding a learning experience uniquely tailored to your needs, you can engage the services of one of our Learning Design Consultants. They can build an individual learning pathway and portfolio for you.

Who should take XJTLU Learning Mall recommended courses and services?

XJTLU Learning Mall non-degree programmes, courses, content, and services are created for lifelong learners of all ages within our learning environment. It is our goal to provide a comprehensive learning ecosystem in which you can explore your passions and expand your skillsets, engaging with top educators nationally and globally as well as experts in every field. The XJTLU Learning Mall's programmes cover the full spectrum of subjects for the full range of students, both young and old. Our goal is to provide a full-realized, lifelong learning environment from campus to community.

Who are XJTLU Learning Mall partners?

The XJTLU Learning Mall has a growing list of partners who are collaborating to expand its learning ecosystem and provide their services to a broader audience. All of the XJTLU Learning Mall partners are considered close collaborators and part of a coalition that helps drive the future direction and strategy to provide the best possible lifelong learning experience to our learning community.

I'm interested in partnering with the XJTLU Learning Mall. How do I get in contact?

That's great that you want to explore a possible partnership with the XJTLU Learning Mall. If you're an organization, institution, or entity interested in partnering with us, shoot us an email at learningmallpartners@xjtlu.edu.cn. One of our Business Engagement Team Members will get back to you as soon as possible.

Who should I contact with a press inquiry?

If you're interested in making a press inquiry related to the XJTLU Learning Mall, contact our marketing team at learningmallpress@xjtlu.edu.cn. One of our Marketing Team Members will get back to you as soon as possible.

Who should I contact with a general inquiry?

For any general inquires, comments, or questions related to the XJTLU Learning Mall, contact our team at learningmall@xjtlu.edu.cn. One of our XJTLU Learning Mall Ingenuity Office Team Members will get back to you as soon as possible.

Who is the XJTLU Learning Mall team?

The XJTLU Learning Mall Team is a collaboration of educators, technologists, and professionals who are passionate about lifelong learning and the future direction of global education experiences. Our passion is to provide learners with the best possible learning experiences tailored to their specific needs. We live by the mission: Innovate and Inspire for Tomorrow.

Additionally, we're always on the lookout for creative, talented professionals. If you're interested in working with us, take a second to check our Careers Section to see our current open positions.

Course Content 101

Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive about how to engage with the various learning services offered by the XJTLU Learning Mall:

What do XJTLU Learning Mall non-degree programmes and courses include?

XJTLU Learning Mall courses come from a variety of qualified experts and professionals from with XJTLU, the XJTLU Learning Mall itself, as well as local, national and global partners. As courses originate from a variety of courses, there is no set list of what each includes. Courses may consist of everything from lectures, videos, presentations, texts, and readings as well as additional resources and practice activities to enhance the learning experience of students. It is highly recommended that learners explore each course description as well as partner virtual stores to see what might be of interest. If you are having any trouble, you can work with one of our Learning Design Consultants to create a specific learning pathway and portfolio for you.

How do I take an XJTLU Learning Mall or partner course?

XJTLU Learning Mall and partner courses are available both on-demand/self-paced as well as moderated with specific start dates. You will need to search for your course of interest and see when it is open for enrollment.

XJTLU Learning Mall bespoke courses are accessible from several different devices and platforms, including a desktop, laptop, and our mobile app. Partner courses are available through a variety of devices and can be accessed by channeling through their virtual storefront and signing up for the desired programme.

After you enroll in an XJTLU Learning Mall bespoke course or service, you can access it by clicking on the related link you will receive in your confirmation email (provided you're logged into your XJTLU Learning Mall account). You can also start your new course by logging in and navigating to your My Courses page. Partner courses provided by their platforms will each have different approaches for engagement.

Do I need to start my XJTLU Learning Mall course or service at a specific time? How long do I have to complete each course?

As noted above, there are no deadlines to begin or complete the course, and the start date of courses varies depending on who offers them, whether or not they are self-paced or moderated, and where they may be located (e.g., online, onsite, hybrid, etc.). Even after you complete a course, you will continue to have access to it, provided that your account is in good standing. Partner access rules may vary from platform to platform and should be reviewed on the partner's website.

Is the XJTLU Learning Mall an accredited institution? Do I receive anything after I complete a course?

While Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University is an accredited institution, of which the XJTLU Learning Mall is a part, the XJTLU Learning Mall does not offer credentialed or degree programmes connected to the university. It only provides non-degree programme content. Our mission is to provide lifelong learning and skills-based courses taught by experts in their field, and every approved, paid course supplied by the XJTLU Learning Mall offers a certificate of completion to document your accomplishment. Partner courses will also provide their certificates of completion, and in the case of collaboration on a programme, may offer completion certificates from multiple providers. Additionally, the XJTLU Learning Mall plans to develop a Badge System to showcase ongoing learning within the community.

What if I want to preview a course? Is there any way to do that?

The ability to preview a programme depends on the course as well as the partner provider. Some courses have taster modules, which can be taken to give you a feel for the course and how it is set up. Others do not. Additionally, there are several self-paced courses available in the Freemium Section of the platform.

How can I pay for a course?

How to pay for a course depends on who is hosting it. For bespoke programmes as well as XJTLU school and department courses, the XJTLU Learning Mall supports several different payment methods, depending on your account country and location.

Payment for partner courses will take place through their platforms and will vary depending on partner and location.

What if I want a refund?

Because many of the courses are offered in different formats, provided by various partners, and once you access the courses, you will have access to the course materials, we do not provide refunds after purchasing a course. Individual partners may have different refund policies on their courses, and you can discuss directly with them on a case by case basis.

Where can I go if I need help with a course or a general issue?

If you have a general issue, you can first search through our FAQ section.

For any general inquires, comments, or questions related to the XJTLU Learning Mall, contact our team at learningmall@xjtlu.edu.cn. One of our XJTLU Learning Mall Ingenuity Office Team Members will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you find you have a question about a specific course while you're enrolled, we suggest you contact the direct provider of that course, whether it be the XJTLU Learning Mall or a partner.

Our Help Center has extensive information regarding the XJTLU Learning Mall's various features, and articles with troubleshooting steps to help you quickly resolve any issues you encounter. Our User Experience Team, as well as other support members, are also happy to help.