Mission and Vision

Our Mission

  • Innovate and Inspire for Tomorrow

g'g'hAs innovators, inventors, educators, researchers, and pioneers, the XJTLU-LM team will work with a passion to blend research, academia, and business in a unique, collaborative learning environment. This environment will combine educational practices with industrial partnerships, intercultural skills and multilingualism, to provide our students with premier international learning experiences and entrepreneurial opportunities, offering them a competitive edge.

Through a model of transformational leadership, the XJTLU-LM will inspire a generation of learners to become leaders and models of academic and business research as well as lifelong learners, innovators, and inventors of the future. These learners will then guide society toward a better tomorrow, working to bridge the gap between education and business through Syntegrative Education to ensure that everyone can reap the benefits of technology, academia, and industry.

By employing innovative models of management, daily operation, and leadership and also by leading the way through new methodologies of research and innovation, the XJTLU-LM will be at the forefront of the higher education community. It will offer its staff of researchers and experts as well as students opportunities to explore and investigate to their fullest potential. It is our mission to provide as many doors as possible for those who are with us who wish to open them.

Our Vision

  • To lead the innovation and academic research of China’s higher education sector for the 21st century working in collaboration with the business community on exciting and cutting-edge projects that will improve society and education through transformative learning experiences.

cxxThese transformative learning experiences will provide learners who pass through the XJTLU-LM with a new attitude, purpose, and outlook. Through the innovative XJTLU model of Syntegrative Education, the XJTLU-LM plans to offer opportunities for its learners to engage with global online educators in one unique location.

Local, national and international partnerships represent an essential component of its strategic plan, as it works with elite partners to generate key breakthroughs in education and industry research. Additionally, the XJTLU-LM Online platform will offer the internal and external XJTLU community an unparalleled learning experience benefiting students, staff, the community, local industry and local government with strong provider relationships to generate innovative, cutting-edge programmes.