Selecting a Programme

Selecting a programme which to take through an online learning platform with a variety of resources can be a daunting task. It is important to consider both your interests as well as your learning needs when making this decision. These needs should involve considerations for your schedule and availability as well as learning preferences, which will help determine if online, hybrid, or onsite non-degree programmes are better suited for you. The XJTLU Learning Mall Online provides potential services to help you with this process. Some of these services include free consultation support and recommendations as well as premium support through XJTLU Learning Mall Learning Design Consultants. These consultants can provide bespoke personalized learning portfolio design services and support, helping learner design an individualized learning pathway which aligns with their needs.

This area is currently under construction and more information will be available soon on how to support your programme selection needs. If you are interested in these services and your need is urgent, please feel free to contact the XJTLU Learning Mall Team at