ILEAD offers a master's degree and PhD degree programmes. The Master of Arts in Global Education uniquely provides in-depth knowledge, skills and understandings through both practice and theory based modules, enabling its graduates to make telling future contributions to shaping tomorrow’s global education needs.
In order to attract more educators and people who are concerned about education to participate in the crucial discussion of future-oriented educational ideas, Professor Youmin Xi of XJTLU launched the Campaign of Finding Chinese Educators in the New Era. The campaign’s fundamental purpose is to promote the exploration and transformation of future-oriented education in China; to identify, cultivate and enhance Chinese educational leadership; and to promote society’s awareness of the new era of education.
The XJTLU National University Teaching Innovation Award is hosted by Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, organized by the Institute of Leadership Education and Advanced Development , and supported the Beijing Office of the Macau Tongji Charity Association. It aims to discover and reward a group of teachers who will be teaching in the way "student-centered." As teachers of higher education institutions with a teaching philosophy, spread the innovative measures of "student-centered" in teaching reform. By helping teachers sort out individual teaching innovation thinking and provide multiple opportunities for display, build a platform for education innovators to share, communicate, learn, grow, and create a future together, and then promote the reform of higher education in China.
教师教学创新能力提升课程介绍 大家好!欢迎选修《教师教学创新能力提升课程》,本课程共包括三大模块,六个话题,总学习时间为30小时,共需提交六份作业。视频学习 3小时; 自主学习 12小时(每1小时视频学习,跟4小时自主学习);课堂实践 15小时(嵌入在教师本身的教学时间中)。